Community Works

Free activities for Seniors

A special day program is run every Monday for seniors who wish to learn singing and dancing. As part of our Let’s Dance Easy group, seniors get an opportunity to learn slow, graceful and meditative dance moves.  Seniors vocal choir is also in existence to enhance their singing abilities. Apart from arts, creativity, culture, community and performance opportunities, seniors are also inspired to adopt better eating habits for healthy aging. They are encouraged to have an active lifestyle by providing many volunteer opportunities.

Free Hindi class

Kathak dance compositions and Indian classical vocal pre dominantly uses Hindi syllables. A  Hindi class is run with a special focus on enhancing the conversational skills and correct pronunciation in addition to reading/writing. This free class for kids and youth is run every Tuesday. Adult classes are offered every Saturday.

Lets do Yoga Together

On International yoga day, we organize special workshop on yoga for dancers. Yoga is not just an exercise, but a lifestyle. Yoga enthusiasts are welcome at our studio every Thursday morning to integrate body, mind and soul through simple yoga postures.

Kareoke Singing group

This is a gathering of artists who are interested to showcase their talent in an intimate and harmonious setting. This get together promotes friendly and cooperative artist relationships to create better work culture and networking opportunities. .

Dances for Youth

In an attempt to highlight the calibre of dancers who are at the threshold of their professional career, often a choreography in progress or an excerpt from a completed production is shared with an invited audience as part of our studio series that promotes talk, lecture demonstration, performances and cultural symposiums.

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