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An Evening of spectacular dances, magnificient choreography and a harmonious soundtrack in the dazzling Kathak Dance Style, embellished with beautiful sets, elegant costumes, creative visual projections and a professionally trained cast. Set in the pious land of Vrindavan, this remarkable musical invokes a feeling of devotion, ecstacy, beauty and bliss, all to tell the story of the Divine….KRISHNA 

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Performance in Kathak Mahatsav of 2015



SHAKUNTALA – A Dance Drama

Conceived, Composed & Choreographed by Hemant & Vaishali Panwar

Shakuntala is an innovative production involving love, romance, fate, traditions, emotions, myths and martial arts skills. The story has been composed into a beautiful, mesmerizing and vibrant 1.5 hours long Dance Drama with English narrations, real looking sets, outstanding cast, elegant costumes, marvellous dances, and original music to describe the social context of ancient India. The significance of the story also lies in the fact that how India came to be known as Bharat, a name which is still official in Indian languages.